Files in my flash drive are hidden?

You are not able to access your flash disk files because they are hidden? Follow the steps below to recover your files and folders. Quick steps to recover the hidden files in your flash drive Note If you need more

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How to troubleshoot Google’s “we’re sorry…… But your computer or network may be sending automated queries

Are you getting the following message when you try to use Google search? “we’re sorry…… But your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now” I have been experiencing

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Web hosting company which accepts Moneybookers (Skirll), Alertpay,Liberty Reserve,Paypal,E-gold and other payment methods

xtraorbit seem to be the first web hosting company which considers the part of the world where Credit Card or Paypal is NOT accessible. I have been looking for a web hosting company which accepts Moneybookers(Skirll). Finally, I found xtraorbit

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Troubleshooting UTF-8 encoding problem

Check the following things to make sure that your web page is properly served with UTF-8 encoding. Warning: setting the charset to UTF-8 in your meta tag will not guarantee for UTF-8 encoding. If you are encountering a problem in

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what is meta tag in the (X)HTML head section?

The meta tag in the head section of (X)HTML documents contains name/value pairs. The name part of the name/value pair is defined by either a name or http-equiv attribute of meta tag. When http-equiv attribute is used, the HTTP server

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