Files in my flash drive are hidden?

You are not able to access your flash disk files because they are hidden? Follow the steps below to recover your files and folders.

Quick steps to recover the hidden files in your flash drive

Note If you need more information for each step, Post your question as comment and I will try to reply immediately.

  1. You are having this problem, so it is safe to assume that your computer is not protected well. Therefore, Download Avast (which worked well in this issue). Note that the free version of avast is enough for the purpose of solving this problem.
  2. Install Avast and scan your computer including the flash disk.
  3. Open command prompt and change drive to the flash disk. E.g, if your flash disk is drive II: and press enter. Your command prompt should point to the flash drive as shown in the figure below.

    Flash Drive files hidden

  4. Type the code below and press enter
    attrib -r -s -a -h I:\*.* /s /d

Navigate to your flash drive and you must see a folder and some files. The folder is where your original files are stored. But the strange files you find shall be deleted.
Plus, to avoid similar issues in the future, make sure to scan your computer and flash drive by Avast or any other Effective antiviruse.

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2 comments on “Files in my flash drive are hidden?
  1. BH says:

    Thank you very much Yibe, for it saved my files.

    • Yibeltal says:

      You are Welcome BH, but don’t forget to scan your PC with effective antivirus, so that you will not face similar problem in the future. I mentioned Avast because I tried and worked well to me.

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